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Product ID: MI-400    Category: Musical Instruments
4 Octaves Guatemalan Marimba
Description: A 100% handmade Guatemalan Marimba 4 octaves, with 6 mallets. Keys are made of quality hormigo wood, the resonator boxes are made of fine cedar wood and the structure and stand of pine wood. It has a two-level keyboard and a beautiful sweet and deep sound, characteristic of the Guatemalan marimbas. This is a professional Marimba with excellent resonance. This type of marimbas are made in the same style as the ones used since the early 1900's in religious ceremonies, as well as in social or community events of Guatemala. It has a beautiful carved flowers design in the front and along the sides. The Marimba includes the  complete stand that is shown in the picture. This traditional marimba was made in the rural village of Chichicastenango (highland of Guatemala) by mayan artisans. Size: Lenght: 45" (114 cm); Height: 35'' (89 cm) x Width: 25" left side - 17'' right side.
Price:  $739.00

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