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Product ID: GD-150    Category: Decorative items
Typical Guatemalan family
Description: This family of dolls dressed in traditional Guatemalan outfits can add a touch of ethnicity to your home.

This family of 5, mother, father, son, daughter and baby are dressed in traditional outfits and each rest on the wooden base.

The father wears typical cream pants and traditional mens shirt with sombrero covering his head. He carries fire wood on his back. The mother is dressed in huipil carries a baby by her side and a basket on her head. She has braided tri colored piece on her forehead, the multicolored scarf that hangs across her shoulder completes her ensemble. The daughter is dressed in colorful huipil with her head covered by textile and tri colored braided piece around her forehead, carries wood in her arms. The son resembles the father dressed in traditional mens outfit carries fire wood on his back.

Size: Mother and Father - Height: 8" (20 cm)

Size: Daughter and Son - Height: 6" (15 cm) 
Price:  $34.95