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Carved Wood Maximon
The "man in black" seen on many Guatemalan folk charms is Maximon (pronounced "Mashimon"), a local deity also known as Hermano San Simon, "Brother Saint Simon Peter." Maximon is actually a pre-Columbian Mayan god of the underworld formerly known as Maam ("grandfather"); his modern name is a conflation of Maam and Simon. He brings wealth and woldly success to those who worship him.

Maximon symbolizes cthonic male sexual power. As an "opener of the way," his feast day falls at the onset of the fertile rainy season, but except for that day, his dark "trickster" aspect leads his devotees to carefully guard his visage from public view, for fear that his sexuality may run rampant. 

This carved wood Maximon is carefully crafted by Mayan Artisans of Chichicastenago. All parts of the body (arms and legs) can be moved and the hat and the stick are removable. This Maximon can either be used in the standing position or seated. Point the cursor over the picture to swap to the sitting position. Chair included. Maximon Size: Standing: Height: 18'' (45 cm), Width: 5'' (12.5 cm), Sitting: 16.5'' (42 cm), Width: 5'' (12.5 cm). Chair Size: Height: 10" (25 cm) x Width: 4" (10 cm) x Depth: 3" (7.5 cm).
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